Legless doctor treats villagers for 17 years in mountainous Chongqing


Li Juhong, a 37-year-old legless village doctor in a small rural area in southwest China’s Chongqing has touched many Chinese netizens for her devotion to providing medical treatment for thousands of villagers over the past 17 years.

At the age of four, Li was hit by a large speeding truck on a mountain road outside of Wadian Village in Chongqing where she lives. Although her life was saved, she lost her legs, leaving her with stumps that measure less than less than 3 cm.

This accident saddened her family, but Li’s parents were determined to help their daughter to walk again. So, Li’s father made two chairs to help her up when she was five years old.

As Li grew older, the chairs became a way to help her to study. Fortunately, Li, with the support of those around her, successfully graduated from high school due to her persistence and perseverance. Determined to help others, Li did not hesitate to choose medicine as her major for her higher education.

“Though I experienced a brush with death, I also experienced love and kindness. I know what patients need. So, I want to pass on what I have received from all the people who have helped me,” Li said.

Upon graduation, Li immediately traveled back to her village instead of opening a clinic in bigger townships like most others.

During her nearly two decades of devotion in the village, Li set up three rules for herself, which cannot be breached: (1) Help whoever asks for help with a warm smile (2) Prepare dinner for the elderly and children (3) Charge nothing or only the cost of the services if a patient is financially disadvantaged.

In September 2018, the god of destiny tested her again.

Li was diagnosed with a brain tumor. However, Li said she believes that with the encouragement of villagers and her family she can get over this, too.

Li’s story has not only touched the hearts of the villagers, but also many people beyond Wadian Village in Chongqing. Her story continues to be shared and many people are wishing this brave and optimistic woman the best.


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