Boy, 13, arrested after HAMMERING parents to death


Police in Dali, a famous tourist destination in southwest China’s Yunnan province, on Wednesday detained a 13-year-old boy suspected of killing his parents with a hammer.

The tragedy occurred in Hengnan county of Hengyang city in central China’s Hunan province on Monday. The boy escaped from his hometown, reported.

The house in which the killing happened. Photo from Chinese media

At about 6:40 pm on Monday, the teenage suspect, surnamed Luo, used a hammer to attack his mother, 45, and then his father, 51, due to a family dispute, Hengnan police said on Tuesday.

His parents died of serious injuries. The boy ran and used his father’s ID card to buy a ticket to Yunnan.

Luo is still a first-grade student in a middle school in his hometown.

The tragedy, the second case in which the parent was killed by his/her teenage boy happened in China within a month, shocked the whole country.

Also in Hunan Province, a 12-year-old boy surnamed Wu killed his mother with a kitchen knife after she beat him for discovering that Wu had stolen and smoked all the cigarettes she brought home from banquets on the night of December 2.

timg (1)

Wu having initially been taken into custody for the killing, was released without punishment, given that Chinese law holds 14 to be the statutory age for criminal responsibility

The possible return to school of Wu, a sixth grader, had sparked concern among his classmates’ parents.

Chinese media later reported that local officials have agreed to send the boy to Changsha, the provincial capital of Changsha, where he will stay in asylum and schooling for three years.


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