8 killed as knife-wielding hijacker uses bus as ram in Fujian on Christmas Day


Eight people were killed and 22 others injured after a hijacked bus in eastern China’s Fujian Province crashed into pedestrians on the street Tuesday – Christmas Day – afternoon, Xinhua News Agency reported.

The attack occurred at around 3:20pm in the city of Longyan. The 22 injured, including one with serious injuries, have been taken to local hospitals for treatment, according to the city government.

Police have caught the suspect and identified him as a 48-year-old man surnamed Qiu, who was unemployed and a native of Longyan.

A witness was quoted as saying that the suspect used the bus as a weapon against pedestrians and vehicles in a 400-meter stretch of Denggao Middle Road to Jiuyi South Road in the city’s Xinluo district, China Daily reported.

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The initial police investigation showed that on that day, the suspect had a conflict with an official of the neighborhood committee, with whom he had long been at odds, during the official’s visit to his home on Tuesday. He then attacked people with a knife, hijacked a bus and used it to hit pedestrians.

A report on the provincial radio station said the bus driver, despite being injured by the suspect, was able to open the door, let all the passengers off and set the emergency brake before escaping from the bus.

The suspect then took control of the bus and drove it into the pedestrians and vehicles, according to the report.

The suspect is in police custody and rescue work is ongoing. Further investigation is underway.

Longyan is a city in southwestern Fujian province, bordering Guangdong to the south and Jiangxi to the west.

The city has a population of 2.64 million inhabitants as of 2017. It is renowned for the tulu situated in its Yongding county.


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