TRIFO, AI firm from Silicon Valley, committed to bring Chinese Families ‘true smart’ home robots



Trifo, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) robot maker from the Silicon Valley, announced on Thursday that it had received $11 million in funding to build true smart home robots.

Trifo, which has teams in Shenzhen and Beijing, is committed to explore China’s household appliances market, which has registered pacey growth in recent years.

“Chinese customers, compared to others, tend more to accept new technologies and electronics brands,” Dr Zhang Zhe, CEO and founder of Trifo said.

Trifo produces in Dongguan, Shenzhen’s neighboring city which is known as a key manufacture hub of China. The city has been making strenuous effort in recent years to move up the value chain by attracting more high-tech manufactures.

Focusing on indoor home environments, Trifo has developed an end-to-end integrated hardware/software system, with sensing, perception, and decision capabilities designed to perceive physics, geometry and home environment semantics, to enable robots to communicate with humans more naturally and continuously learn new skills.

With its first product, Trifo addresses the lack of fully integrated robotic systems by building a smart consumer robot vacuum with increased functionality at a far lower cost than other well-known home vacuum products.

“A true home robot has to have an advanced level of perception and be capable of interacting with occupants,” said Zhang. “Robot vacuum cleaners are currently the only home robots on the market, and unfortunately they are not as smart as people think.”

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Philip Solis, Research Director at ABI Research, a market-foresight advisory firm providing strategic guidance on the most compelling transformative technologies, said: “The industry is in the midst of a long-anticipated leap from standalone robots to robots that are part of an expanded and more integrated smart home ecosystem.”

“The overall consumer robotics industry is on the verge of a major transformation that leverages the evolution of the smartphone market, cloud-based services, and the smart home,” Solis added.

The smart household market in China is expected to reach 581.93 billion yuan ($84 billion) by 2020, according to PR Newswire. It was 325.47 billion yuan in 2017, with intelligent home appliances accounting for 86.9 percent.

The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) predicts the household personal service robots market will reach $11 billion by 2022. Within the household, for example, chores alone cost an estimated $11 trillion a year in consumer time today, a figure expected to reach nearly $23 trillion in 2025 according to McKinsey Global Institute (MGI).


New COO named

Trifo also announced Ms. Ge Xiangsheng, former COO of UBTECH Robotics, has joined the company to accelerate product development and launching new, advanced AI home robotics.

Ge has a strong track record and vision for bringing consumer robotics products to market and will also oversee business operations for the company.

“Trifo has created first-to-market integrated hardware and software that enables dramatic performance improvements in home robotics,” said Ge. “I look forward to leveraging my experience and expertise to move the company forward rapidly to gain revenue and share in the fast-growing home robotics market.”


About Trifo

Founded in the Silicon Valley in 2016, Trifo is a full stack AI home robot company. Trifo has more than 40 employees in Santa Clara, Calif., Shenzhen, and Beijing. The company is backed by leading investors including Walden International, Matrix Partners, Samsung Ventures, and Tsinghua AI Fund.

Focusing on indoor home environments, Trifo has been developing an end-to-end integrated hardware/software system with sensing, perception, and decision capabilities.

The Trifo robot is on its mission to serve as the smart autonomous agent to better help people organize and interact with home environments via perceiving physics, geometry, and semantics of home environments, communicating with human in a natural way, and continuously learning new skills with advanced AI technologies.

Trifo has been granted approximately 40 US and Chinese patents, and has filed for more than 70 additional patents globally in US, Europe, and China.

Trifo’s proprietary algorithms have been published at top robotics conferences such as ICRA and IROS.

Ironsides, the stereo visual inertial computing module, is widely used by more than 300 universities, companies, and developers.



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