China’s first import expo: Fact & Figures



Some 300,000 visitors are expected in Shanghai for the inaugural China International Import Expo, which opens on Monday.

The first CIIE is bound to inject strong “Chinese energy” into the building of an open world economy especially when the world is threatened by the rising trend of trade protectionism and anti-globalization, the People’s Daily said.

The event will be participated by 150,000 buyers from more than 130 countries and regions.

82 countries and three international organizations will set up 71 booths at the country pavilions for trade and investment, covering an area of about 30,000 square meters.

12 countries have been granted the status of “Guest of Honor” by China at the CIIE. They are Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Vietnam and the United Kingdom.

Leaders from 18 countries will attend.

More than 5,000 volunteers have been recruited for the CIIE, offering language services in English, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

More than 3,000 companies, including 200 from the Fortune Global 500 list, from over 130 countries/regions have so far confirmed their attendance.

Among them, more than 1,000 firms from 58 countries along the Belt and Road are attending the event.

The expo will also feature products from over 30 least developed countries, including Ethiopia’s coffee, handicrafts from South Sudan and Tanzanite from Tanzania.


More than 100 new products and technologies will make their debut at the event.

More than 5,000 products are entering China for the first time.

Over 180 companies from the United States have registered for the CIIE, including Johnson& Johnson, DuPont, Qualcomm and Microsoft.

US President Donald Trump said he supports American companies’ participation in the first China International Import Expo during a phone call with President Xi Jinping on Nov 2, according to China Daily.


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