Bullet trains are quickly back to service in south China, after battered by typhoon Mangkhut



High speed trains were back to operation in south China on Monday morning, within less than 24 hours after the region was hit by super Typhoon Mangkhut.

The quick resumption of the service, suspended on Sunday, will boost future commuters’ confidence with Hong Kong’s high speed rail link with Guangdong province, opening on Sep 23.

High-speed trains operating inside South China’s Guangdong province resumed operation on Monday, including Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway and Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high-speed railway, China Daily reported.

The high-speed rail-loop in South China’s Hainan province also resumed operation. Normal trains in Guangzhou and Shenzhen began running on Monday.

Typhoon Mangkhut barreled through the Pearl River Delta on Sunday, leaving a trail of damage, flooding and injuries in its wake and forcing the closure of schools, markets and most public services across the region.

The destructive storm made landfall at 5pm on Sunday on the coast of Jiangmen in western Guangdong province, packing winds of up to 162 kilometers per hour, according to the provincial meteorological station.

A total of 18 major highways across Guangdong were closed from Sunday afternoon. Thousands of flights were canceled and all high-speed rail services were suspended throughout the day.

Four deaths caused by the typhoon have been reported in Guangdong.

In the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, intense winds and fierce rain left more than 213 people injured, and over 1,200 people sought refuge in temporary government shelters, as of 6 pm.

According to the Guangdong Meteorological Observatory, Mangkhut will continue to generate heavy rain and bring strong winds to the province until Thursday.


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